Products Overview:

Escomm Systems provides the latest in EPABX technology including the trending VoIP PBX also known as IP-PBX which carries voice calls over an Internet Protocol. With cheap yet sophisticated hardware available, it has never been better to install PBX systems. Various multi- national brands are available at Escomm Systems with the following non exhaustive call processing features


Brands available at Escomm Systems:

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Combined VoIP and PBX Solutions:

Even though VoIP is the current trending technology, the old circuit switched PBXs are very much in circulation, Besides customers would want to place calls from IP side to the circuit switched PSTN, so solutions are required to make both realms to work together. The following are the hosted solutions available with Escomm Systems:

  1. PBX (Private and Circuit Switched)
  2. Hosted/Virtual PBX (Hosted and Circuit Switched) or traditional Centrex
  3. IP PBX (Private and Packet Switched)
  4. IP Centrex or Hosted/Virtual IP (Hosted and Packet Switched)
  5. Mobile PBX solution